The Story

Once you discover that  making acrylic paintings is what keeps you sane in this mad mad mad world how do you stop?   I can't.  OK. Full confession. I'm  an abstract artist addicted to Cherry Garcia. 

My Medium

Her name is Madame Sophia....Oh wait...you mean what materials do I use?   Mostly arylic paint and  various gels.  Huge knives are a must, and all kinds of fun stuff that I  find in my kitchen and garage drawers to make marks and lines.   These tools often get me out  of a rut and force me to paint from my shoulders and not my wrist.  Seems to really open up ones heart. 

My Inspiration

"...a poem begins with a lump in the throat."  Robert Frost.   In 2006 I was lucky enough to move to Paris for two years  to study.  I'd been painting since the age of 18 but I wanted to feel that lump in my throat and my old style of painting wasn't cutting it.   Under the tutelage of Nina Kovacheva I embraced a non-objective style of painting.  It forced me to dig deep and find a more soulful way to express myself.  Our travels and all the fearless artists I meet along the way continue to inspire me.